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FLEX Unlimited

FLEX Unlimited Pass

Maximize your freedom for only $75! Enjoy unlimited FLEX trips of 30 minutes or less for a whole month with a FLEX Unlimited Pass. Add the FLEX Unlimited Pass to your account at any time, for immediate or future use.

How to obtain an FLEX Unlimited Pass

Once you join Communauto, log in on the website to your personal account and locate FLEX Unlimited in the Personal information section of your member profile.

You can purchase an FLEX Unlimited Pass at any time during the month. Your Pass is effective immediately, or on the date/time of your choosing. Repeat the process if you want to immediately obtain passes for the following months. Each Pass will be charged in full on its starting date.

You can cancel a pass ordered in advance at any time, as long as its start date/time has not passed. Once the start date/time has passed, it is not possible to cancel a pass or get a refund.

Terms and conditions

Updated on March 30, 2020

  1. The FLEX Unlimited Pass allows you to enjoy unlimited FLEX trips of 30 minutes or less for a whole month for free. Your trips become billable starting on the 31st minute.
  2. The free period with the FLEX Unlimited Pass applies to the first billable 30 minutes of your trip. You remain eligible for most other credits that may apply when you use a FLEX vehicle: 30 free minutes to get to the vehicle once it has been blocked, credit of up to 15 minutes for snow removal, and 20 free minutes when you fuel up with at least $20 of gas. The relocation credit, however, cannot be combined with the 30-minute FLEX Unlimited Pass credit. Only one 30-minute credit will be granted per trip.
  3. Consecutive use of vehicles: in order to enjoy the 30 free minutes of use, you must allow for a period of 45 minutes between the end of one trip and the beginning of the next. The same period (45 minutes) applies before a vehicle can be re-blocked and/or used by a Co-Member or another authorized driver from the same business membership.
  4. Unless you have chosen one of the other Damage Protection Plan options (see the Rates page), the default amount of one dollar ($1) per trip applies, to limit your liability to $600 in the event of damage or collision (at-fault or not).
  5. The use of a pass may be suspended without the right to credit, refund, or extension of the period of validity, in the event of non-compliance with the terms of the Contract or Rules and Regulations for the use of vehicles (balance overdue or above the authorized limit of $500, bank withdrawal failure, etc.)